Amber Lunsford | Industry

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I am an experienced and versatile professional in the customer service industry. I pride myself on helping and guiding people. I have worked in customer service and hospitality careers since I was sixteen. When I say I am versatile I mean that I know many different programs that are necessities for restaurants, schools, spas and hotels. I have even helped open two hotels in downtown Austin. I am a fusion of a Salon & Spa coordinator and hospitality receptionist assisting with guest accommodations; along with a prior background working with children. I am passionate about delivering my most premium customer service experience. I am enthusiastic to share with my team and coworkers the skills I have as well as learning new ones. I am outgoing, confident, and love to crack jokes. I am also reliable and have a positive outlook on just about everything. I believe I could be a surprising asset to your company and team.

Amber Lunsford
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