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I currently wait tables and tend bar at Breakfast Republic in Encinitas and manage the bar there as well. It's been a great way to get experience in high volume, fast-paced serving and bartending and to test my skills as a problem-solver. I have years of experience in customer service and moneyhandling - they're second nature to me - as well as a solid foundation in food and beverage service. I love talking to people and thrive on the hustle of a busy workplace. I am adaptable and calm under pressure; I bring a can-do attitude and a commitment to quality work to everything I do. I love to have fun and make sure the people around me have fun too, but I also refuse to be outworked. I took a two week certifying course at Masters of Bartending School here in San Diego to get hands on experience behind a bar and expand my knowledge of the industry. I have my ServSafe San Diego Food Handler's card and Alcohol Certification, as well as LEAD Certification.

Anna Irwin
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