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Put me behind a bar and watch the show begin, I am a high volume bartender speed and accuracy is my forte with a little working flair. I do like to put on good show while working as we all know bartenders are also entertainers. Customer interaction is very important to me. I strive to talk and get to know everyone sitting or visiting my venue to ensure they have a great time and keep coming back to build a relationship. After all customers want to go out one night with friends to have a great experience and it’s up to us as bartenders, servers everyone in the hospitality industry to make that happen. Working in this industry has given me such pleasure be it bartending, promotions, graphic design or management. You should enjoy coming to work and I always do and go out of my way to make other employees do the same. I have been on both sides of the spectrum we work together and lift each other up as a family and put on a good show, lunch, dinner etc. It all boils down to one thing and that is keeping the guests happy so they will come back and that is something I am very good at. So if you are looking for an outgoing, responsible, trustworthy, employee I am right here. The things I have experienced and the people I have met along the way I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. FAFF

Chris Pfaff Aka Faff
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