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Being behind a bar for me is where I feel most comfortable pretty much. I love to talk to people I can talk about anything. Im definitley very passionate about what I do. I have a lot of experience and im pretty good. Im quick, efficient, clean & well liked. I love to experiment with various types of drinks, if it be food pairing, drink specials, or just a on the fly you call it. Customer interaction is very important to me. I strive to talk and get to know everyone sitting or visiting the venue atmy bar to ensure they have a great time and keep coming back to build a relationship.Its only us that can provide that great experience and as bartenders, servers, bar backs, food runners, hosts from top to bottom to make that happen. That is customer service. Working in this industry has given me such pleasure if its bartending, promotions, graphic design or management. You should enjoy coming to work and I always do.I try to go out of my way to make sure its a good time for everyone. FAFF

Chris Faff
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