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I just moved to San Diego from New Jersey on a scholarship to SDSU. I'm 22 and have been working in the service industry since I was 17. I worked at a very busy bar on the beach in Asbury Park called Porta. It was a very high volume and high turnover Italian/Neapolitan pizza restaurant during the day, and a nightclub on the weekends. So I really did learn the best of both worlds when it came down to working behind the bar. Although I have only worked for one restaurant, I worked my way up from busser to barback and to bartender. Also in the midst of me working at the bar, I did a 3 year tattoo apprenticeship and eventually was tattooing and working at Porta as well. Outside of loving to work in both industries, I love to go spearfishing and paint pretty much any chance I get. If you want to take a look at my Instagram to see some of my paintings and such your more then welcome. @grimm.m

Michael J  Lalli
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