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I come from great restaurants and search to stay working for great restaurants. I regard customer service and can-do/will-do attitude to be of highest importance to any F&B FOH position and I feel I have the recommendations to back me up in this regard. I'm a happy, smiling genuinely charismatic person who provides fantastic service no matter the setting. I've worked from in many different capacities within restaurants including lead and server trainer but I'm happiest when I'm one of the crew and allowed to express my lively attitude. I'm a Libra, and I think it's important to mention as I'm not only a hard worker but I generally am well-liked and get along with everyone because I dislike conflict and I love to please. I live a healthy lifestyle, I'm well-versed, educated, and have great personal hygiene, also I strive to always present myself in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Alex Paz
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