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I have a strong management background. I worked for 4 years at Ocean’s 11 Casino, starting from knowing absolutely nothing about the gaming industry. During this time I gained experience in nearly every aspect of the industry and worked my way up to Marketing Director, five promotions later. In this position, I lead my department to being the best customer service team this company has seen and created marketing campaigns that substantially increased revenue. Most recently, I was offered a job as General Manager of the bar The Hideout in San Diego. In this position, I effectively cut payroll and inventory costs and made the business sellable for the owners who were able to successfully sell a previously unsellable business. In my time at The Hideout I spent 30 hours a week minimum bartending and became a very efficient, fast paced bartender. Finally, I work best under pressure, meeting tight deadlines, on a tighter budget. I grew accustomed to having hours to complete projects that should take weeks. I succeeded where all my predecessors failed under the pressure of these jobs and did so while maintaining a cool demeanor and provided the most efficient service a manager could provide.

Vince Dinatale
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