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Hi. My name is Celeste Perez. I grew up in San Diego and lived in San Francisco for four years. Ive been bartending for about three years. I am currently a bar manager at Casablana Lounge where i have been working for two years. I love my job. I like having the opportunity to get as creative as I can when it comes to making drinks. Same goes for makeup, a side hobby of mine. I feel very comfortable and confident when working behind the bar because besides making drinks I also enjoy talking to my customers and watch them have a good time. I have a lively and easy going personality that allows me be approachable, which is what my regulars tend to like. Customer service and the ability to express my creativity though a coctail are the main reasons why I love to bartend. When I have free time I love to hang out at the beach and watch movies, but above all I love to travel. So far I have traveled most of Mexico, I have been to Israel, the Netherlands, and Cuba. I look foward to traveling the globe to learn from different cultures and visit historical sites. I am CPR Certified, LEADS Certified, and have my food handlers card.

Celeste Perez
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