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Service industry lifer. I had a brief stint in the 9 to 5 world, but it wasn't for me so I came back to my roots. There's nothing better than the fast-paced controlled chaos of a hectic shift, and the camaraderie of the team that keeps it under control. The past several years I've been continually stepping my game up as a bartender. No matter where I've been I always try to do 2 things: give my customers a great experience, and learn something new. Since my humble beginning as a busboy at TGIFridays I've covered just about every position in every type of establishment. I worked my way through barback, server, expo, and then did some time in BOH as fry, grill, and window. My tour of duty has included busy family-owned spots as well as corporate places like CPK and Cheesecake Factory. I also do freelance work, mostly weddings, and I've bartended events as diverse as neighborhood block parties to the capacity-crowd VIP tents of Kaaboo Music Festival. I would love to find a daytime bar gig working with a good group of people (I need my nights open for stand up comedy).

Dave Callans
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