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I grew up in the Midwest, specifically in Nebraska - which is maybe to the outside world, an unlikely, bustling, culinary melting pot. As I transition to San Diego, I see a lot of trends, food-wise, that I don’t necessarily see myself being passionate about, nor do I see their longevity. This is where Draft Republic stands out to me. I can tell in the menu that thought has been put into it, with a mix of classics, and classics with a fresh approach, and I very much appreciate this combination. I enjoy the balance of food and cocktail, a rarely well executed and properly balanced companionship. Both of these areas I am passionate about and I believe go hand in hand. Lastly, judging by the job posting, I gather that whoever is looking for a candidate like myself, shares the same passion I do not only to succeed, but also to truly create a lasting experience on the person and the community that eats the food and drinks the drinks – and comes back to do it over, and over again.

Tyler Chickinelli
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