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I would consider myself an artist-left hander-writing, drawing, martial arts, musician and a chef. I grew up and started my career in the hospitality industry in Arizona and continued to pursue life behind the bar in Honolulu as well, gaining interest in the craft of quality bar tending. Now, I'm an San Diego transplant and have just started looking for good placement out here in Denver. I've got over a decade of experience, very good at what I do, absolutely love the service industry and making outstanding drinks. I'm a fun professional, down to earth, and intelligent with great work ethic. I'm a mixologist with management experience, great wine/spirits/cocktail knowledge and enjoy making anything I can from scratch including bitters, infusions, syrups, hydrosols, vermouths, liqueurs and mixers. I'm happy to bring all I can to the table and train staff when necessary. I also have a company called Social Chef Mixology that continues to operate in San Diego and which I will continue to develop here as well. It's simply a bar tending services company but we also offer custom menus, mixers, and libations for standard or themed functions with highest quality ingredients and preparations. CHEERS!

Matt Cowan
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