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Hey there, My names Perry Schmittdiel, I'm 28 years old and I'm interested in picking up a few bartending shifts. As one of San Diego's newest additions, I'm totally stoked with the bustling restaurant and nightlife scene San Diego has to offer. I've spent the past four years in Chicago, serving, bartending and earning badges at some of the Windy City's finest establishments. (one of which recently earned a Michelin star) I immersed myself in everything the city had to offer. I learned about the importance of mis en place, how many shakes it takes for the best last word you've ever tasted, what to say to the sous chef to ensure he doesn't totally lose his mind during service, but most importantly I learned a thing or two about myself. I learned that my journey with the hospitality business would be a long one, quite possibly my entire life. As a server, I'm excited and completely interested about the product I'm promoting to my guest. You can honestly tell when your server or bartender is "faking it" or simply pointing to the most expensive thing on the menu. If I haven't connected with my guests on somewhat of a personal level, I haven't done my job correctly and I feel like a phony. I've learned that being genuine in this industry is a great gift. Nothing excites me more than getting people excited about a new cocktail they haven't tried before, or a dish they're unfamiliar with. That being said, I'd be thrilled to interview for the positions you have open. Cheers!

Perry Schmittdiel
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