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Hi! My name is Zaira, but you can call me Zee :) I was born and raised in San Diego and love my city, especially the night life! I enjoy a day at the beach with my family or dinner and drinks with friends as much as a night of dancing at a club. I am outgoing, funny and friendly. I currently work as a legal assistant/receptionist at a law firm. As first point of contact at our firm, I know the importance of first impressions and the impact they have on potential clients/customers. I'm a hard worker, who is motivated, ambitious and isn't intimidated by a fast paced environment. On a daily basis, I interact with a diverse group of people, ranging from our criminal defense clients, to vendors, to higher end financial advisors and attorneys. I must say, I think I handle myself pretty well around all of them! I am very interested in the hostess position you are advertising because I truly believe my uninhibited personality and sociable demeanor make me a great fit for it. It would be a new and exciting experience for me. I really hope we get the opportunity to work together!

Zaira Zamudio
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