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I am an experienced bartender with open availability looking forward to my first summer in San Diego. I entered the service industry as a barback in 2012 while finishing my last year at University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduation I moved to San Francisco where I bartended at a variety of places until moving here to San Diego in November of 2015 I received my first job in San Francisco at a local gastropub named The Willows. I started with lunch and brunch shifts serving food, beer, and making cocktails. Our large selection of craft beer taught me more about brewing, tasting, and pairing; I even volunteered at a local brewery for some hands-on experience. My interest in beer inspired me to become a cicerone certified beer server. I intend on continuing with the next level cicerone in the near future. In August 2014 I heard about the opening of a new restaurant in an affluent area of Downtown Oakland named Shakewell. While at Shakewell I read a variety of cocktail books including Dave Arnold's Liquid Intelligence, Dale Degroff's The Craft of the Cocktail, Alex Day's Death and Co., as well as passing the class BarSmarts. This knowledge gave me the insight to speak comfortably with customers about spirits, styles, and designs. I worked nights and weekends at Shakewell full time until moving here to San Diego. I came to San Diego to help out with the company Professional Bartending School. I came on as a manager and partner to redesign all the curriculum as well as add a variety of more advanced courses. I taught all the classes myself and helped our school reach record sales and land many of our students jobs. With the added success of the school, on May 21st 2016 we sold the company. I uploaded our company video as well (I'm the male bartender!). While in San Diego I continued to work events on weekends. Now that my schedule is now fully available I would love to bartend at a more permanent place.

Matthew Hinkle
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