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Hello my name is Ashley Marie Ramos and I am a graduating high school senior student ready to take on the world of responsibility. I am a dedicated worker who will pick up on things very quickly in order to prosper in my job position. Although I may be a easygoing person, I do take my work very seriously, especially when I am very busy. I am always looking for new and fresh faces to talk to so it would be very easy for me to constantly be in front of a new face when working in a fast paced environment. I am both a great communicator as well as a team player. I work best when I am in a team because I listen to others input and take it into consideration on what I am working on. I have worked with children before so I have learned to always be on my toes and to be alert on the many things around me. I have learned many skills that I can give to the work environment and I hope to learn more as well.

Ashley Ramos
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