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Great personality with a solid work ethic. Mature, reliable, flexible, team awareness, and always positive. I live life with optimism for the future, joy in the moment and gratitude for everything I've been given. Over ten years in the service and hospitality industry, I am qualified for both bartending and serving positions through an extensive background in fine and casual dining, food and beverage menu creation (including craft cocktails,) food and wine paring, restaurant management, theme branding and special events planning such as live music, weddings, wine and beer dinners. Yes, I have managed, but no, I am not the guy who thinks my way is better than anyone else. I am about listening, learning, doing my best, helping others and being accountable. Looking to become part of a healthy vibrant team focused on delivering the best the city has to offer. It is what I am use to.

Brian Assam
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