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My name is Stephanie. I moved to California from Utah looking for a change. I was a professional snowboarder for four years and as I learned to surf I wanted to move to a place where I could do both. I love being active, I'm a people person and I am huge on respecting everyone and everything around me. I have a similar passion for bartending as I do for board sports in that I'm always looking to progress and have a good time with the people around me. BARTENDING QUALIFICATIONS -LEAD Certified -Excellent people skills -Basic sprit, wine and beer knowledge -Managing Skills -Food Handlers -Hard worker -Bar Set Up/ Take Down -Mixed Drink Knowledge EXPERIENCE -I’ve worked as a bartender (and server) at various establishments and settings. -Server/Bar requirements included opening the bar, closing at night, handling banks, mixing and serving drinks, bottle service, memorizing menus and prices, up-selling, provide excellent customer service, after shift clean up & check out. -Calm when placed in a fast pace environment with demanding customers. -My variety of employment has prepared me to work with all different personality types and ages. -I work well with others and understand the importance of creating a team environment in the workplace in order to get through the busy moments at work as well as staying productive during slow periods. -Working at a family oriented resort where tourists are the main source of income, has enabled me to empathize and meet the needs of people who may be unfamiliar to the area, customers looking for a place with positive energy to sit down and relax, and to do my work efficiently and effectively to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Stephanie Sue Feld
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