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Why would I be a good fit for your restaurant? Two words: southern hospitality. I recently graduated from Oconee County High School and made the trek to San Diego from Georgia with my southern hospitality in tow. As a kid, I learned the happiness one can feel from feeding people good food and making them smile. At the age of 16, this led me to my position at Barberitos, where I served and prepared food, while making sure that all of my customers were content. Outside of work, I was involved in extracurricular activities. In show choir, I optimistically worked in a team, entertaining our guests at concerts. On my high school's swimming and diving team, I learned that hard work pays off, which is a philosophy I carry through every aspect of my life. Now, I want to bring my passion for hard work and food service experience to your team. References: - Manager at Barberitos, Dillon Harper (706) 254 - 8348 - Show Choir Director, Katie Williams (706) 202 - 7852

Sarah Burnette
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