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I have been in the hospitality industry for 15 years Tips certified with a Sand Diego as well as California Food Handler's card.. I have spent 9 of those years as a bartender. I am fast, efficient, and cleanly as a tender. I have learned how to relate to guests in this time and tailor to their every need. I am well versed in all spirits, wine, and beer. As a person i am outgoing, friendly, driven, and athletic. I moved to California to explore new opportunities in the service industry as a bartender. I have experience in the front of house as well as back of house. I cooked for many years and have done everything in the industry besides manage an establishment. I understand what it takes to be part of the service industry. One must be part of a working cohesive unit and be able to multi-task while maintainig a friendly fun environment for the guest to enjoy and want to come back too. Creating cocktails and interacting with different individuals is something i enjoy and am highly passionate about.

Matthew Barci
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