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I have always followed twin career trajectories: in teaching and in FOH food and beverage. I love them both! One of my earliest waiter jobs was working for Chefs Paul Bertolli and Michael Tusk (now Chef/owner of Quince and Cotogna in San Francisco) at Oliveto. I learned so much, including how to butcher wild boar and make gnocchi. When I moved to South Florida, I got deeply involved with the Slow Food/locavore movement, becoming increasingly responsible for organizing and serving at farm-to-table dinners at Swank Farms. These events have grown beautifully over the years, and each one features as many as five highly respected south Florida chefs. I am passionate and extremely knowledgeable about food from a variety of global cuisines, with a wine palate to match. And I'm endlessly curious; if there's something I'm not familiar with, I want to know all about it so I can better educate my guests about it. And I am committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing. My education background fits neatly with my F&B background, I believe. I love the pedagogical moments in waiting tables; those moments when I get to enthusiastically explain ingredients, flavor profiles, etc. to guests - without (and this is the important thing) without being pedantic or snooty. I take genuine delight in people experiencing new flavors and textures. As a colleague, my service approach is collaborative. I consider the entire floor part of my responsibility, so if, for example, I'm walking through your station on my way to the kitchen, I'm looking at your tables too, and I will prebus for you or refill your waters, answer guests' questions if flagged get the idea. Um. I also knit, build freakbikes out of random bicycle parts, and am owned by two ridiculous dogs, George and Lil Dude. I am a San Diego native who is just so happy to be home, and who desperately needs a job. Thank you so much for your attention!!

Annie O'reilly
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