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I am an award winning hands on Executive Chef with outstanding credentials in the culinary arts, concentrating on techniques of recipe consistency and details of all food products. I demand excellence in all operations of correct food handling procedures, setting higher standards with overall knowledge of all kitchen stations in accordance with restaurant standards. Enforcing strict sanitation laws, food preparation and food storage, significantly keeping food costs in line by reducing waste, incorporating foods and in-house meat and fish preparation. I follow classic fundamental culinary techniques with care and attention. I am followed with an array of recipes, thrive in high pressure and high volume situations. I have a phenomenal work ethic and always strive to excel, my most vital attribute is my passion for the culinary arts. A key strength of mine is to be able to improvise in any situation and produce quality cuisine from bare minimum if cuisine needs to be altered. I am a hand’s on chef with oversight of all stations and take great pride with the artfulness of preparation and plating. Daily I set realistic goals with the staff for achievement. I have been mention at Le Cordon Bleu as an example of overcoming adversity in understaffed and ill equipped kitchen at the VU. During my time as a Chef I have had the pleasure of cooking for many a person. There is the occasion that I have cooked for personalities such as Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, Jack Casidy and Jorma Kaukonen from Hot Tuna, Rick Dankofrom The Band, Micheal Lang one of the creators of Woodstock.

Kenneth Curry
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