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I've worked as a personal chef for a pulmonary physician in San Diego for over 8 months. My focus was on providing healthy meals everyday for client with a special dietary restriction for the Doctor and two other family members. I shopped at local farmer's market for fresh ingredients and operated within weekly shopping budget set by client. Also, I was a Resident Chef for a sobriety home / facility where I prepared healthy and special dietary meals nightly for 10-15 clients completing sobriety in San Diego as well. I attended Florida A&M university and graduated with a degree in Business Economics in Spring 2000. I recently obtained my Associte Degree Fall of 2015 in Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management from Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California. I've worked for City Government in Altanta Georgia for over 5 years and held a Position as Brand ambassador and Product trainer for several leading Technology companies 3 years before moving to California in 2010. These varied employment experiences have created a responsible, dependable, mature, trustworthy and creative individual that would suit this position well. I'm not afraid of hard work. I'm not unwilling to learn and discover new teachings and I'm also not afraid to take initiative with enthusiasm and follow thru. I can learn and teach at the same time with your current chef/housekeeper. I have a ton of creativity and experience to prepare various meals. I've worked in the industry over 15 years in every position in the kitchen. I'm patient and great at communicating.

Fredrick Hutchinson
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