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Currently living in San Diego... I moved to LA for a music school and got into barbacking at a night club and learned the crazy work involved in a 10 hour shift . I soon after started bartending at the night club and Realized how much I love the industry.. Then watched a documentary called "Hey Bartender" and it changed the way I looked at bartending and just cocktails in general... I then would go to cocktail bars and ask to work for free to learn the set up etc.. long story short. No one took me seriously and I got lucky as a barback for a great new bar opening up and learned so much in the amount of prep work that's involved and then soon started bartending in the craft cocktail scene and have been lead bartender and have bar managed a cocktail bar as well. I plan to own my own bar soon one day and trying to learn as much as I can before I do so! I love learning more and more about hospitality and I plan to do it for the rest of my life .. I've worked in Los Angeles and Portland OR, and now I am currently living in San Diego .

David Rodriguez
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