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I have helped out my parents’ restaurant business for nine years as a server. The restaurant is called Nozomi 2 Sushi & BBQ in La Jolla and seats about 100 customers. Not only was I server there, but I also had duties as a food runner, busser, and hostess all simultaneously. During my time there, I worked over 20,000 hours so I have a lot of experience with customers and coworkers. Instead of taking advantage of my role as the restaurant owner’s daughter, I worked even harder and trained over 30 staff members, managed restaurant operations, and consistently achieved a health sanitation rating of A. I know how crucial it is to follow standards and procedures, maintain excellent service despite any conditions, and work with fellow workers as a team. By working at your company, I will be able to make the most of my skills and experience to provide exceptional services to your guests, making them want to return over and over again.

Jane Han
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