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Open Sesame is an Upscale Lebanese restaurant that has been established as a family and community oriented favorite. Beginning in 1999 in Long beach, we have since expanded to west hollywood and torrance, and are continuing to grow daily. It all started with my love affair with herbs and spices which begun at the young age of 15 years old when I worked at a neighborhood spice factory in Beirut, Lebanon during my summer vacation. It was working in that environment where I absorbed the art and the power of the relationship exchange between the earthy elements and each of their individually unique powers over the senses. Our Mediterranean cuisine goes back several thousand years of gastronomical evolution that has influenced modern cuisine as we know it today. With each civilization adding their own flavor of life. With the use of spices, ingredients and cooking techniques that started with the Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Romans and Ottomans. At Open Sesame it all begins with a our love to serve our guests a cuisine that has been created from scratch with heart and passion to nourish and revive the memories to the spices that I cherish so fondly from my own recollections.We are transformed from the nourishment and life force that's in the food we eat, it is essentially who we become and with this knowledge I have never compromised the quality and the time needed to pour all that into our food. Open Sesame has been serving guests since 1999 with the commitment to share my love and the history of our gastronomical evolution. With this commitment we look forward to welcoming you back time and time again.

Open Sesame
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