Apply to a Line Cook Job Opening at The Local Downtown | Industry

The Local Downtown is now hiring a Line Cook in San Diego on Industry. Apply now with your Industry profile!

The Local Downtown is like your favorite sweatshirt, offering a level of comfort and design that never goes out of style. Granted, some occasions call for a tuxedo or an evening gown. But generally, we are uncomfortable in those situations. There is certainly a time and a place for acting like a grownup. Yet when given the choice, when we are looking for a great way to spend an evening, when allowed to let loose and be who we are to the core... we know where to turn. The Local Downtown, like your favorite sweatshirt, has been through the tumble cycle a few times. However it's those experiences that add character and contribute to its overall appeal. So like your favorite sweatshirt, The Local knows what you want and is here when you need it most.

The Local Downtown
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