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I am currently a journalism student at San Diego Mesa College and am very passionate about high-quality and personable interaction. I apply this high standard not only to my personal life, but to my professional prospects as well. My friendly and outgoing personality allows me to develop professionally by forming strong interpersonal connections with guests and providing them with a memorable and gratifying dining experience. In my experience with fine dining, I have learned to be professional and punctual. Attentiveness and organization are necessary for hosts and I am able to be "the head of the restaurant" and facilitate the guest relations with confidence. Diplomacy, sincerity and a smile can get you you a long way as well. On the other hand, my experience in retail and fast food has taught me to maintain focus under pressure and to maximize my efficiency at all times. As important as guest interaction and comfort is, quality and timeliness is equally as important, especially when dealing with hungry people. I feel confident in my communication and leadership skills for the position of a hostess. My familiarity of the food and hospitality industry, as well as the OpenTable application add to my experience and expertise.

Lora Neshovska
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