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Having worked for a CPA firm as an executive administrative assistant for the past 7 months, I became proficient with quickbooks and some accounting, assisting with payroll, account managing, and tax assembly. Among my other responsibilities I also used many accounting programs, including, but no limited to: Lacerte, CFS, Office Tools, and QuickBooks. This position of course required knowledge of Microsoft Office, having first come into contact with a computer at the age of 6 I am naturally used to applying Microsoft Office to many endeavors, but this position certainly cemented my utilization of Microsoft products as a whole. With my new and cemented knowledge of accounting and quickbooks, although I am not fluent in tax-lingo, I learned as much as I could, to the best of my ability, whilst thrown into the hurricane that is "tax-season". Upon seeing my general gumption to learn and succeed, my previous employer immediately sought my help in other endeavors, most importantly following through with tasks given to me assisting the world famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Previously I was a stock room coordinator for Restoration Hardware and before that an administrative assistant at a medical center.

Lucas Serventi
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