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I am a 28 year old bartender interested in perfecting the balance between exquisite service and perfectly concocted beverages to be drank on their own or paired with food from talented chefs. At a time when "craft cocktails" has become a main focus for bartenders throughout the world, unfortunately, it is easy to find that customer service and teamwork has fallen flat. As a warm and inviting individual who focuses on listening to customers needs (both through vocal and non vocal cues) rather than shoving the new fad down someone's throat, I have found my recommendations of both cocktails and wine to leave my customers satisfied nearly every time. I am looking to leave each shift feeling accomplished, which means helping other members of the team when I have time to spare. I am a quick learner which has lead me to rapid promotions at many of my past work places. I am currently looking for positions which will expand my knowledge in the field and create new challenges to conquer.

Nathan Elliott
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