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Hello! Im a self starting, fun loving, hard-working optimist that loves people. I have worked in the service industry for 13 years, mainly bartending and also serving. I am also a digital marketer/graphic designer and have my own contracting side gig specializing in restaurants, so if your restaurant/bar is in need of digital media presence, I can also help with this. I am an artist (writing, drawing, painting, etc) and an advocate of healthy lifestyle. Light hearted by nature, I try to see the best in people and have empathy when situations call for it and love listening to new perspective about life. I live my life by my integrity and hold myself accountable for my mistakes, and try to learn from them. I take a lot of pride in my work ethic and try to have thick skin. I make a mean margarita, and have all the skills of a seasoned bartender.

Amber Nixon
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