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Hi there. My name is Patty. I am a native New Yorker (born in Queens) and recently moved to Austin from Brooklyn, NY. Naturally, I am used to and really enjoy the fast pace and high volume environment that is so characteristic of a big city like NYC. I believe this type of environment is similar to what we see in a busy bar or restaurant, which is why I would be a good fit in such an environment. My objective is to find a part-time position where I can work on evenings and weekends. Based on my previous work in research, education, and psychology, I am experienced in working with diverse groups of people, I thrive when handling many tasks and responsibilities at once, and I truly enjoy helping/serving others. My ability to learn and adapt to any environment quickly, and my social and outgoing personality would make me a perfect fit in any establishment. I am also fluent in Spanish and can understand Portuguese, which would also make me an asset to your team. I have some experience as hostess and waitress, so I would love to expand upon this because I truly enjoy the diverse culture in the nightlife scene and am naturally a very social person, who enjoys meeting new people. I also tend to get things done very quickly (always keeping quality in mind, of course!), and I understand the value and importance of serving customers as efficiently as possible to make them happy. I also understand the importance of placing customers' needs and desires as a top priority to ensure that they are satisfied and would want to return in the future. Impressions, whether first or last, always matter, and I would work very hard to make sure customers have a great impression of any establishment that I represent.

Patricia Acosta
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