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Hello! I am a 34 year old San Diego native. I have worked in multiple high end retail environments and have gained an enormous amount of customer service skills from it. You will find me well spoken, energetic, and reliable with excellent service skills that are genuine. But my real passion is food and wine! I have been cooking since I was 12 and adore a night out at a good restaurant over most choices. In addition I am currently finishing up my masters in Chinese Medicine, which includes Chinese herbal medicine. I am definitely a foodie who also has a great appreciation for a well made cocktail. I plan on making a line of Chinese herb infused wines in the future and am a big advocate of food as medicine. When you can be creative in the kitchen and have an open mind you can create magical things! I am not a professional chief however, and would like to take all of my acquired skills into a new arena. I do not have previous restaurant experience but I am cultivated in many ways, have excellent multi-tasking skills and can maintain a friendly and calm demeanor under pressure. I am looking for a permanent part time position in the San Diego area. I feel if given the chance I could excel in the right place! I hope to chat with you soon!

Senna Servati
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