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I am from Southern California originally but lived in New York City for five years of my life from 2011 to early 2016. I moved to Los Angeles in May and have been enjoying the sunny weather, booming city and lovely people ever since! I'm currently looking for something stable, fun, and has a great atmosphere. As a server at Brooklyn Bowl- an extremely high volume music venue with a bowling alley- I would tend to music goers in our restaurant, GA area, lounge, or bowling lanes. My daily duties include handling all food and drink orders, money, setting tables for reservations, maintaining a comfortable setting and atmosphere for my guests, working with busser/runner team to ensure proper food/drink delivery and clean up, communicating with FOH + BOH, and share my knowledge and love for food and drinks. At Fatty Cue - a neighborhood Malaysian BBQ restaurant - I started as a busser/barback and quickly moved up to a server/bartender. Unfortunately, both Fatty 'Cues closed down in 2013/2014, so I couldn’t extend my stay there, although I learned many great qualities that I have taken with me to Brooklyn Bowl, and hopefully a position elsewhere within your company! I'm currently at Night+Market in West Hollywood - a high volume hip Thai restaurant - as a floor supervisor. The role has taught me so much more about serving, bartending, and running the entire house and works of a restaurant. On a daily basis I am helping out the entire house which includes running food, bussing, making cocktails, and serving tables. I have to maintain the upbeat atmosphere while also keeping everything well put together and ran as smoothly as possible. Making sure that all side work is done in a timely manner, while also tending to our guests in great fashion. At night once our guests have all left, I will start to close the register/bank and distribute tips to our staff with our point system. I will then close down the entire restaurant, and do a full walk through making sure everything is swept/mopped, and ready for service the following day. I have outstanding customer service skills, treating every guest with the respect and attention I'd want to be given anywhere, I'm great under pressure, a multi-tasker, fast-paced, punctual, charismatic, positive can-do energy, team-oriented, and great at building a relationship with my guests for a reliable return.

Sid De Loera
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